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Instagram adds 5 new Photo Filters

Instagram users can rejoice, it's been awhile since we've had any new filters, in fact the last two … [Read More...]

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The most awesome Lightroom feature that I didn’t know about

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Don’t Focus on your Destination so much that you Miss the Journey – Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry shares with us one of the most important lessons he has learnt. It's a short video but … [Read More...]

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This photo just sold for 6.5 million dollars

Peter Lik's "Phantom" was just bought by a private collector for $6.5 million dollars. The sale made … [Read More...]


What the London Skyline would look like if the lights were turned off. Blackout Time-Lapse

UK photographer Nicholas Buer has created a time-lapse that would have required even more post … [Read More...]


It’s not all smooth sailing. Dixie Dixon shares a story from her first huge campaign

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