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Complete Halloween Retouch

With all the Halloween / Horror October themes flying around the photography groups this month it … [Read More...]

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Latergramme just made Instagram so much better

Instagram is awesome for photographers, we know this already. The one thing that was missing though … [Read More...]

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Say what?? Sony to announce a 46MP Full-Frame camera

It looks like we are back in the megapixel wars again and Sony is wants to be first out of the gate … [Read More...]

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A look at how Fuji makes Fujinon lenses

If you've ever had the opportunity to shoot with a Fujinon lens you'll know that they are just … [Read More...]


Wing’s Treasure Hunt: Perth

This weekend one of the Perth RAW Crew, Wing, has organised a little photowalk/treasure hunt. … [Read More...]


DIY Softbox for $20 or less

Are you just getting into off camera flash? If so chances are you have had a look at a few modifiers … [Read More...]