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My initial thoughts on Lion

If you have haven’t heard already Lion is out. I’ve just finished downloading and installing it but I thought I would give you a quick post on my first impressions.  As I write this things are still updating and indexing but it should give you a quick insight as to whether or not you want to give it a go.

First up it’s a download, a 3.74gb download at that. Those with limited internet should head into your local Apple store and make use of their bandwidth. There is some talk that in August sometime you will be able to by Lion from an Apple store on a usb stick.

First up the bad. I’ve just noticed that my version of MyOB (which is the standard accounting app here in Australia) can’t work on Lion. This is due to them removing some application framework that allows certain products to run, Quicken users will notice the same. I’m just lucky that I’m in the process of moving everything over to the online version of MyOB.

Another annoying niggle is backwards scrolling, what do I mean, well you know how you move your finger down on the mouse to scroll the page down. Well Lion is taking the user experience of the iPad/iPhone and you know move your finger up to push the page down. Pick your iPad/iPhone up and you’ll know what I mean. From what I hear you can reset this back to the usual if you want.

They are the only two issues I see right not, remember i’m about 20 minutes into using it.

Things I love is the full screen mode for certain Apple apps like Safari, Aperture 3 and Mail. It makes your screen look so much bigger, which is nice.

The new Mail app is amazing. I was actually thinking yesterday why isn’t there a mail app that sorts everything into conversations so you don’t have 15 RE: Same Topic emails to work through. Well Mail does that. It’s probably my most favourite feature that i’ve found so far. I’m not sure where all my folders have gone 😀 but i’m sure they will pop up at some point.

Lion takes a lot of lead from the iPhone/iPad user experience. With sliding screens, a new launch pad for applications that looks like an iPad/iPhone, when I first heard about it I thought it would look a bit dodgy, but I can say it actually looks pretty cool on a large screen.

There is talk that some Adobe products aren’t working properly on Lion. I don’t have that problem cause I use Aperture and with the new Perfect Layers plugin (review coming soon) I haven’t found a need to use any Adobe products. However from what I hear CS5 and LR3 should work fine.

I haven’t tested this yet but it feels like there is a speed increase and I new Grant Daniels felt the same.

On that note I will continue to play. If I come across anything else I’ll add it into a new post down the track. Enjoy and let me know your experiences with Lion or if you want me to check anything out.

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