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Photoshelter the review is finally here

I’ve been using photoshelter for sometime now. You would have noticed that I’ve mentioned it a ton of times in posts but I’ve never sat down to write a dedicated review on the product that has probably saved me the most amount of time. Photoshelter users may have received an email a week or so ago about a feedback survey, hope you did it because it will help them make the product even better. It’s that survey that sparked me to write this review.

What is Photoshelter?

Photoshelter is a web service that makes your life as a photographer easier. Actually it makes it a lot easier. It provides a single console to control your portfolio site, social networking sites, client delivery and sales. The days of resizing images for client delivery, and various websites are over because Photoshelter does it all for you. Just think about that for a minute. How long do you spend preparing images for your site, blog and Facebook for example.

The good?

Ok so you’ve thought about how long you prepare your images for delivery. Photoshelter eliminates all of that, but now let’s get stuck into some more of the features.

First up i’ll start with the portfolio site. You automatically get one of these and there are a variety of themes to choose from. For the more web savvy you can actually build a complete custom theme if you feel like it. What I’m using is the Induro theme with just some basic custom css code.

The beauty of Photoshelter is that they make SEO (search engine optimisation) easy, I’m in the process of measuring the results of their seo recommendations, and i’ll report soon. However from my web experience I can tell you that if you take their advice you should see some improvements within your site traffic.

For those of you who are into selling prints, the new photoshelter e-commerce tools are great. Up until two weeks ago we handled all prints manually because it just wasn’t easy enough to use an online solution. Since the release of the new e-commerce features we have inbuilt into our website so all customers and clients can order prints and have them delivered straight from their gallery.

Something else that I have touched on a few times is the Photoshelter published documents. They are great free pdf files on various topics for photographers. I actually have just finished reading their Online Marketing Blueprint and we are busy implementing some of the recommendations and ideas at the moment. There is a great little forum community that I must get involved more with, and for those that need extra help or advice. Send them an email, you’ll actually hear back from someone who cares. Sounds like an insurance advert 😀 seriously they are their to help and if they can they well. I’ve had great discussions with @photoshelter on all things from general marketing to account setup.

My recommendations to Photoshelter

These aren’t really bad things they are more observations that I have come across.

My only recommendations are with the supplied themes for the portfolio site. I know there is the option to build a custom theme and that’s great, I know there is the easy to use Graph Paper Press wordpress theme integration which is really handy and works very well. However sometimes you just want the easy option. The supplied themes I feel require a bit of a freshen up, more colour options and the code that controls them to be updated to newer versions. I’d also like to see a move to a html/javascript sideshow options for those not wanting to use the flash version. Along with these updated themes maybe the designed wordpress themes that suit, so people don’t have to build up their own blog design to match their profile.

My last point would be on the custom pages. Their are only 2 custom pages available. Originally I never used them however since starting the Photoshelter Challenge I’m finding that two pages is just too limiting.

Who is Photoshelter for?

Well I would say all photographers. Their class leading SEO is a major draw card. Their constant involvement in the industry and their willingness to help out are giant pluses that I never expected.

My recommendations aren’t drawbacks they are simply my observations as having an intermit knowledge of how the web works. If my recommendations make the products just that little bit better than that is great for everyone.

If you take me for example, I’m completely capable of developing my own website from the ground up with all the bells and whistles, however I choose to use Photoshelter. I can see the value in their product, it saves me so much time and makes things just that much easier.

I recommend that if you are serious about the business of photography then check out Photoshelter, send them an email I’m sure they will answer any questions you may have. Worst comes to worse you can always ask me :) If you have a photoshelter site then send me your address, I would love to check it out.

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