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The evolution of art: Wings

When ever I’m in the need for some inspiration I always check out a few different websites. One of those websites is of course the renowned photographer/director Chase Jarvis. There is usually always something of interest happening on his blog so today when I saw this post titled “New Era Start to Finish Evolution of a Music Video Project” I had to check it out. I know this is mainly a photography blog and with the new cameras the lines between photography and videography are being blurred however I believe that in an medium you can find inspiration.

Scroll to the bottom if you just want to see the finished video.

This music video/movie is created by seattle hip hop pals Macklemore (@macklemore) & Ryan Lewis (@ryanlewismusic) and shot by emerging Seattle filmmaker friend Zia Mohajerjasbi (@DrZia). It starts back when the song was performed at Songs for eating & drinking, which is a Chase Jarvis art project.

YouTube Preview Image

Macklemore, Ryan, and Zia asking for your support on Kickstarter to create this movie/video

YouTube Preview Image

Some behind the scenes of shooting the clip:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

And finally the finished product.

YouTube Preview Image

So did this inspire you?

Check out the website Love and Shoe Strings and of course shoutout to Chase Jarvis because with out him posting this I wouldn’t have come across it.

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