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Interview with Caesar Lima

What to write…. hmmm…. You just need to look at Caesar’s favourite images that he submitted and you’ll know why he is on RAW. This is also the first post that has a video in it aswell. Caesar sent it through and I thought why not. Enjoy.

Caesar Lima

Caesar Lima

Tell us a little about yourself?

Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, crazy about photography, technology and soccer, have a studio in Los Angeles.

What made you get into photography?

I have a BA in Advertising. I should be working as an art or creative director, but when I was in school, the first time I’ve stepped into a professional studio, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I felt in love with the equipment, cameras and the whole mood.

How did you get started?

I started shooting in Brazil assisting couple photographers. Than in 1984 I had an opportunity to come to Los Angeles for the Olympics, liked it so much that I moved to LA in 1985. I opened a studio in my garage and start shooting a lots of product for advertising

What sort of photography do you mainly do?

I do a lot of conceptual photography in the beauty and fashion industry, and a little bit of still life, we’ve been shooting a lot of people. I love to work with a big crew, enjoy working with a creative group. ie. models, make up artists, stylists, hair people, art directors etc…

What gear are you using?

For beauty I use a Fuji GX680 with a 33 MP Sinar back and for fashion and location I use a Canon 5D

Whats your favourite lens and why?

Canon 85mm f1.2

I love the DOF. It’s an amazing piece of glass!

How are you marketing yourself?

Well right now everything changed, before it was much easier. A spread on Workbook + Black Book directories couple mailing campaigns and you’re in business, now we must have a blog, facebook, twitter to a presence online. It takes me 2 hours everyday to update my blogs, creating content, communicating with people that likes my work. Also I use Blurb and Asuka for books, for online presentation ISSUU is amazing, Blurb also is making ebooks for iPad/iPhone iBook store. Let’s not forget Behance, LinkedIn, and Vimeo, great behind the scenes videos are great content for self promotion ex:

Whats your favourite photo you have taken?

Here are few images for this post, these are my 6 favorites… (today’s favorites LOL)

Advice for new photographers looking to go pro?

My advice is to research, test, research, test, develop your own”unique” look, don’t worry about what’s trendy – do your thing, follow your heart – find a niche in the market. I always say don’t chase the money, work hard, work more, money is a consequence of good work, at some point it will pay-off.

Visit Caesar Lima – facebook, twitter, blog, iphone app, behance, puffybrain, pixelpasta, issuu, 500px, linkedin and vimeo

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