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Interview with Lorenzo Guerrieri

Lorenzo is a an amazing photographer that I found on 500px. I found him through is black and white work but he also uses strong colour which you will seen when you head over to his website. His work is simply outstanding, that all I can really say.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Lorenzo Guerrieri. I’m 28 years old and originally from Venice, Italy. At the moment I am living in London.
I’m a professional freelance photographer and am currently working in both the UK, and whenever possible, in Italy.I moved to London about a year ago and am trying to start a career here! Who knows what will happen in the near future! We shall see..

What made you get into photography?

Ever since I was a child, I always travelled around a lot with my family – I have seen so many amazing countries and cities, and would always take a lot of pictures of these places. I guess everything started from there.
However, I then dismissed this passion of mine for a while because I couldn’t imagine, at the time, that photography could not only be my passion but also a job!

How did you get started?

Well, about 6 or 7 years ago I used to work as bartender/waiter in Venice, but I wasn’t happy at all. So I decided to change something in my life and I began studying at ‘The Institute of Photography and Visual Arts’ in Padova, which was where I really started learning about photography, photographical techniques and the history behind this wonderful art form.
During my first year I also joined a studio in Venice, and so was studying and working at the same time, which was incredibly helpful. After graduating from the institute I started to work full time at the studio and I am now currently working by myself here in London. It seems like only yesterday that I started my journey into photography, but now I have spent almost 6 years in this wonderful field.

What sort of photography do you mainly do?

My main activities are portraits/headshots for Musicians and Actors. I believe that today you have to be able to do any kind of work because there’s a lot of competition and it is not the easiest job in the world to become a successful photographer.
When I first moved to London I wanted to be a Music photographer, as my other passion besides photography is Music. However, I then started to also work with models, actors and some fashion brands.
Also, in my spare time, anytime I go on holiday or just visit a new place – I still enjoy and love to take landscape photos.

What gear are you using?

I’m a Nikon user.

At the moment i have a nikon D700 with 2 lenses a 24-70, 2.8 (nikon) and a 85, 1.8 (nikon) plus 2 portable flashes as I often have to work on location.

Whats your favourite lens and why?

The 24-70 is amazing because you can do a lot of different kinds of photos with just the one lens. But if i have to take a portrait i think the 85 is perfect!

How are you marketing yourself?

Today internet is the most important way to find your clients and the social networks are very very helpful too. I am pretty sure that I have gained more feedback and new contacts from my Facebook page and Flickr account than my official website!
I also contact a lot of people by email and spend a lot of time on specific websites – like Linkedin.
But we cannot forget the never old “word to mouth” and sometimes, you just have to be lucky to meet the right person in the right place! i have my business card with me always, wherever I go and I find myself, very often in places where i can find people who could be potential clients.

Whats your favourite photo you have taken?

I don’t really have one but there are a few i always include on my portfolio even if they are old and even if i have taken better pictures after they were taken!

One is a picture I took about 3 years ago. It was taken at the rehearsal of a Music band from Turin called The potT, i was just taking the pictures while we were waiting for the real photoshoot, and then suddenly Simone, the guitar’s player, started to become really into his solo, so i just waited for the right moment and i took pictures while he was jumping from the stage. i think this photo shows very well, the energy of the musician and the band itself.

Another one who i really love is a pictures i’ve taken to a very young guitarist in a studio,after few pictures of him, i wanted to make one shot where the guitar was the “main character” of the pictures and i realized that shot!

The last one is a picture that wasn’t taken for work but, was taken during my holiday in the United States. i was in San Francisco and i was really enjoying the city so i tried to take a lot of pictures of all the famous streets, but something was missing and then, when we were almost at the end of the journey a car went very very close to our bus, and i took pictures.
i really like it even though it was taken long time ago!

Advice for new photographers looking to go pro?

The marketplace at the moment is a real mess for all types of jobs, so for a photographer it is even worse, because it isn’t a normal job. There are a lot of new photographers and not enough clients for everyone out there. So you have to start with a strong portfolio (which could take ages to build up) and you should be able to work with different styles of work, so the best way, in my opinion, is to build more than one portfolio, each with a different style. Because even if you have your own style, which is a vital thing and extremely important, you also need to show that you can be flexible, also creative, and prove that you know that there is more than one way to work.

You must also learn how to deal with clients and people, and be a good photographer which is something that only experience can really give you properly – you don’t learn how to manage clients at school, only the experience in the field will teach you that.
You shouldn’t worry if sometimes they don’t call you or if they complain about something, and if they decide they don’t want your services (especially if your just starting out)! You must ask yourself why it happened and why they chose another photographer, so that when the next time comes around you will know what to do for sure!!!!

Visit Lorenzo Guerrieri – website, facebook, flickr and 500px

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