5dmkIII & D800 DigitalRev Hands on reviews

I haven’t gotten my hands on either of the two new cameras that a dominating the news at the moment, but that doesn’t mean others haven’t. Following on from the, “Do you have gear envy?” post from a couple of days ago here are two video reviews of the Nikon D800 and the 5dMkIII by DigitalRevTV presenter Kai.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Source: DigitalRevTV

Have you bought one of these cameras, are you seriously looking at buying one, what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Hey guys, could someone help me? I’m dicideng between this and the Panasonic TZ20 because they are in a similar price range. While the reviews for the TZ20 are´╗┐ not as good as the S95 i fail to see why. While I understand the S95 has much better low light performance, it seems to do worse within every other aspect. Why does no review mention its low zoom? also, why does no one criticise its 28mm wide angle when cheaper cameras have 25/24mm? is the higher price just because of better low light?

    • You would be pretty happy with either one but it will come down to what you are planning on shooting. If you need a large zoom then of course the TZ20 is the way to go. However the S95 has a wider aperture of f/2.0 a sensor which is 50% larger, it shoots RAW, better ISO, and supports 24p video. Check out this website for more comparisons http://snapsort.com/compare/Canon_PowerShot_S95-v….

      I might be able to help you better if I new what sort of photography you were planning.

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