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Interview with Jeremy Phillips

Blast from the past! I’ve been waiting for Jeremy to email me back for quite sometime, so long in fact that the interview he had is still with the old set of questions. However he does have a very valid excuse, he’s been pretty busy here in the Perth photography scene with his workshops on dance photography and creativity. I haven’t attended one buy a few of my friends have and they say it was terrific. Enjoy.

Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’ve been shooting for 20 years, on and off, between semi-pro and amateur! I work with a lot of different types of artists, but photography has always been my personal artistic space. My main source of income right now is website design, but teaching photography workshops is representing an ever-growing slice these days. In my work, I tend to be either the creative person in business projects, or the business person in creative projects.

What made you get into photography?

I originally got into photography as a reaction to quitting the computer industry. I had realised that I needed to be doing something that was creative, and involved working with real people. Computing science in the early 90s was neither of these things. I threw myself into photography experimentally, and luckily I really took to it.

How did you get started?

There’s no great story of a defining moment – it’s just gradually become a skill I’m known for, and more and more jobs and projects materialise. I’m wary of accidentally becoming a “professional photographer”, because I’d hate for it to just turn into a whole lot of work. I try to stick to shooting things that are going to be fun, or I’ll lose my creative escape!

What sort of photography do you mainly do?

The main areas I shoot are dance photography, and beauty. Dance photography is my main area of specialty, and I don’t think I’d be exaggerating to describe myself as one of the top dance photographers in the country. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked extensively with dancers at the nation’s top tertiary dance academy for almost a decade now. Beauty and figure photography is also something I love, and it’s where I’m most experienced as well.

What gear are you using?

I mostly use Canon cameras and Sigma lenses. I’m not a camera geek; unless I’m actually shopping for a new camera, I tend not to really pay much attention. I’m currently mostly using an old 30D, but it’s due for replacement. I shoot almost everything with a 50mm lens. I hate zoom lenses, they’re too slow and too soft. I own four prime lenses.

Whats your favourite lens and why?

Right now it’s the 50mm F1.8. It’s just a beautiful little lens with a nice flat field and natural angle of view. i usually prefer something a tad longer though.

How are you marketing yourself?

I’m not actively marketing photographic services right now, just taking whatever comes up. I am more focussed on marketing the dance photography workshops, through a mixture of social media and mailing lists.

Whats your favourite photo you have taken?

This is a current favourite. I think it represents my work pretty well.

Advice for new photographers looking to go pro?

I would say the most important thing in this amateur-saturated market is to find a competitive point of difference other than price! Be something unique that people can’t get anywhere else. People will pay more for the photographer of their choice if you inspire them to, if they believe they’re getting something special. Your name is your brand, basically – if you value it and respect it, then so will others.

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