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Canon 60Da Announcement

Well that kind of came out of left field didn’t it. We’ve had the 5dMkIII release and most of use were waiting or expecting some kind of solid rumor or release information about either a 7d MkII or a 70D which would see the xxD’s brought back to their former glory. There was even talk that a 660d was probably next on the cards due to Canon’s release cycle. However Canon today released a 60Da to follow on from the 20Da as an Astro photographers dream.

The thinking behind it is with Micro 4/3’s and Mirror-less cameras slowly encroaching into the DSLR market (yes I am one of those that believe that DSLR’s are on the way out, but that’s for another time) the best way to tackle that is to produce something for the niches. A very popular niche at the moment is Astro photography, and the 60Da is geared towards that.

It’s basically the same camera as the 60D, except it uses an infrared filter that triples the transmission of light at the Hydrogen Alpha line wavelength. What the hell does that mean? Well if you shoot something like the Horsehead and Rosette nebulae (astro photographers will know what these are) you’ll be able to capture the red hydrogen emissions. Normal IR filters are tuned for the human eye which are not necessarily a good match for astro photographers.

When shooting astro photography, I haven’t done much but enough to get the gist of it. I’m usually playing around the 1600-3200 ISO range. On the 60D you can get quite a bit of chroma noise. I did read that there is meant to be better noise handling however there is very little information on this just yet, so i’m not to sure what it will be like.

Also if your thinking of getting this as your main camera, although it can shoot normal subjects very well, your photos will have a more reddish hue to them, so it’s probably best to use this as a second body.

A comparison between what the 60Da (left) and the 60D (right) captures of the Rosette Nebula. (Credit: Canon)

A comparison between what the 60Da (left) and the 60D (right) captures of the Rosette Nebula. (Credit: Canon)

There is little information on the RRP but it should be available at the end of this month for around $1499.00

So do you think you’ll be picking up a Canon 60Da? Was this the right move from Canon? Let me know in the comments below.

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