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Curating a Google+ Photo Theme and List

I love Google+. If you haven’t tried it or you have and didn’t like it I urge you to give it another go. It’s an amazing place for photographers and I’ve been able to speak with people that in most cases are quite hard to get in touch with, i’ve also made some new friends.

A big thing on Google+ is Photo Themes. So I’ve decided to slowly grow a list of active themes and display them here. This page will be updated as new themes get submitted. If you curate a theme please send it through to me.


Both Mona and I enjoy Google+ and we have decided to curate our own Photo Theme for all your model shots. This is the hash tag you’ll need to tag your photos with #SexySundays and for more information circle +SexySundays. I look forward to seeing some of your photos this weekend.

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