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Instagram hits Android

Finally there is a main stream photo app on Android. Before you jump up and down about that statement, yes I know there are lots of Android photo apps. However Android has been shunned by many of the awesome apps like Camera+ or Hipstamatic for instance. Today the email came through that the Android version of Instagram was ready for download.

Android users, like myself can now join in to this photo phenomenon that seems to have taken the world by storm.

Credit: Google Play

Credit: Google Play

What do I think about the app

It’s very clean, and smooth from what I’ve seen. Everything works like it should, but no I haven’t taken a photo with it yet, but that shouldn’t matter because everyone knows what an instagram photo looks like. All in all it’s a very good Android adaption with all the features of the iPhone app.

Almost forgot, you can add me on instagram if you want: “tristanjud”

Download Instagram for Android

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