Photomatix HDR walkthrough

This is your basic HDR tutorial which will get you started with Photomatix. If you don’t use Photomatix that is fine this video will still give you the basics of how I use HDR software.

After my last recording I realised my Logitech webcam’s microphone just wasn’t up to the job so it was time for a new mic. This video goes through some of the same stuff as the first one but with a brand new image.

So here it is the first recording with the new microphone. It sounds much better, but still a bit of tweaking required on the audio recording. This is also the first video produced with Corel VideoStudio Pro X5. I’m to new at it to pass an judgement on it just yet to bare with me. For those interested the screencast was made with an awesome program called BBFlashBack Pro. Definitely check it out if your on Windows.

YouTube Preview Image

Hope you enjoyed it. Got some cool new things coming out soon, so bare with me a little.

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  1. Wow lovely relsut.. do you think it was worth the effort? How hard did you have to work to match the aspect with each shot or does the software compute minor corrections for angle? Does it actually merge the 3 images, or uses the other two for comparison/brightness only? What happens if your images are, say 1/2 frame, off from eachohter?>>They look like “art” and not “reality”. Is it>>just that I am so used to seeing photographs>>with the limitations that normal photography>>brings?This made me laugh, because that was my thought initially too!Dunno seems to me you can get similar improvements on a good shot with photoshop and that way you don’t have to stop and take 3 different exposures for each image ?Monica

    • I actually shoot most things with a tripod. On the occasion that I have shot handheld the software can pretty much match it up but I have not tried major differences in the frames to see what that will look like. In most cases you won't be able to bring back all the details out of just one image using photoshop.

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