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[Podcast] #1 Nikon, Film and a new G+ photo theme

Podcasting, something that I’ve wanted to do for sometime now but never really had the equipment, a decent enough microphone, to pull it off. Since picking up the Samson Meteor I really had no excuse. This is the first podcast that I’ve done so it might be a bit rough around the edges but it will get there.

In this episode

Episode 1 (que the Star Wars music) I do a quick intro into the RAW podcast, I talk a little about some news from Tamron, discuss the d3200 from Nikon and talk about why I decided to get a film camera.

The G+ Photo theme

We decided to start a new photo theme on Google+, we are calling it SexySundays. It’s a theme about sharing your model shoots, without judgement. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m sure we are going to come across some awesome photographers. Make sure you check out the about page on the Theme’s G+ Page for more information.

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