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Kai plays with a Lytro

This week has been unexpectedly busy. Usually when I have a busy week coming up I try and schedule a few posts but since in the middle of last week things just got hectic, so I apologies for the lack of posts and lack of social networking i’ve been doing. It looks like things are starting to calm down a little so I’ll play catch up, and yes I am aware I have missed a pod cast, i’ll try and kick things off again next week.

Remember when the Lytro website went up and it spread like wild fire through out the internet. Notable photography bloggers where thinking it was going to be some kind of mobile camera app and various other speculations. Well it’s been around for awhile now and Kai from DigitalRev TV finally got one in his hands to test.

YouTube Preview Image

One thing to keep in mind it only works for Mac OS 10.6.6 at the moment so for any of you using Windows you’ll just have to wait. So what do you think? Is the Lytro for you?

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