A New OMD already???

It seems the boffins over at Olympus have been busy working on four new Olympus Micro Four Third cameras which will be released over the next 8 – 10 months.

I had heard rumors form various sources about a new OMD that was in the pipeline but it wasn’t until 43rumors posted about it yesterday, that I figured there must be some merit to the story.

There are the usual updates to the PEN line which could see the EM-M and E-PL getting some components from the very popular OMD EM-5. Perhaps updating the tired 12mp sensor and maybe even the ultra fast auto focus.

43Rumors state that there is a new type of micro four thirds camera coming out, after a bit of scouring and hitting up a few contacts I can report that this is one secret that isn’t ready to be leaked just yet unfortunately.

I called the OMD the most exciting camera launch this year, which saw many of you comment and complain but really we are still all talking about it, we are still shocked by the quality this little m43 sensor is producing. Olympus hit the nail on the head when they developed it! There are two rumors floating around 1) There will be a cheaper OMD 2) there will be a better more “pro” OMD. Personally I hope they don’t do a cheaper version. The camera itself is already affordable and I would hate to see it travel down the same path as the PEN series did.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve had my OMD for about a month now and there’s a lot to like about it. Lightning quick AF, touch screen activated shutter and AF, 5 axis in camera Is that works like a steadycam, fantastic low light capability that lets me shoot at ISO6400, IQ from a 2X crop sony sensor that performs as well as an APSC sized sensor, tilting screen, all metal weather sealed body. Having said that, there are some downsides to the OMD that I have encountered. Continuous and tracking focus can be unreliable. In a recent test, every other shot was blurred but in a previous test, all images were focussed. Admittedly I wasnt using the same lens. There’s a whole stack of features as well and I’m just starting to play with them. Overall, It’s a good value money proposition to the shooting that i like to do when compared to the more expensive Nex 7 and XPro1. Will be interesting to see how the OMD EM5 stacks up against the new canon EOS M.

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