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Aputure V-Control USB Focus Controller Review

As you know I’m a fan of the Aputure line of products. I’m lucky enough to have a few (1, 2, 3)  of their products that have yet to let me down. Today I’m reviewing something completely new, is the V-Control USB Focus Controller, and I’m going to use it in away that it probably wasn’t intended for.

In essence a Focus controller like the V-Control is for video. You set an entry focus and an exit focus, turn the wheel and you get a smooth focus pull from one object to another.

Before I get stuck into it the main features are:

  • World’s 1st mode-switching USB focus device
  • Total exposure control (shutter, aperture, ISO, EC)
  • Total live-view control
  • LCD display for adjustment settings
  • Multiple focus options in still mode
  • Four focus point presets in video mode
  • Two USB ports for ergonomic flexibility
  • Simple operation & easy portability
  • Compatible with many accessories
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The V-Control has two modes “Still” and “Video”. In still mode the buttons turn into an advanced remote control allowing you to change aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO, focus and finally take the shot.

In video mode you get to set up to 4 points of focus and finally start recording.

There are 3 steps, and these determine how quickly you get to your final focus point. These steps are available on both the “Still” and “Video” modes.

The only downfall at the moment, is that it’s only compatible with Canon dSLRS at the moment. However I’m pretty confident that Nikon’s and other manufacturers will come online soon.

At the moment I’m currently working on a timelapse project so my original thought was to use the V-Control in ‘Video” mode set my entry and exit focus points and turn the wheel throughout the timelapse. Unfortunately in video mode my intervalometer was unable to fire the shutter.

To get the desired effect I have had to set it to “Still” mode, set the step to the smoothest and then using the distance scales on my lens I was able to go from my starting focus to my finishing focus throughout the timelapse.

I have noticed that the V-Control sometimes interferes with the intervalometer overriding the shutter so the intervalometer continues to count down however no photos are taken, so it’s definitely something you need to watch.

Why is there “Still” and “Video” options? Well the “Video” option is pretty self explanatory. The “Still” option allows you to fine tune your focus, using Live View with more control then you would normally have. For those Product and Macro photographers out there this would be a great help. If your into focus stacking this little device will make it so much easier.

Check it out over on the Aputure webstie.

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