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The Sony RX1 fullframe mirrorless camera is out

Sony manage to keep this as a bit of a secret for quite a while. I along with many others speculated about a full frame mirror less camera coming out of Sony.


A couple of days ago images were leaked and pretty much all of the specs started to come out so it was refreshing to the official announcement so quickly. It cut down on all the speculation and spec changes, think this new Canon 6d.


Sony seem to have taken a leaf out of Fujifilm launching this as fixed lens camera much like the X100 was. Of course a the story progresses we now know that Fujifilm have launched a interchangeable version with the X-Pro1 and the soon to be released XE-1. This post isn’t about Fujifilm so let’s get back on track.


The Sony RX1 is the worlds smallest full framed camera. Featuring a 24.3mp sensor and a fixed 35mm f2 Zeiss lens. It doesn’t have a viewfinder however either an OVF or EVF can be purchased separately. ISO range of 100-25600, 3 inch LCD, macro switch bringing minimum focus down to 20cm, 1080p/60p and 24p recording round out the other specs.


Will the knowledge that there is an extremely high chance that Sony will bring out a interchangeable version at some point and the price point of $2800 steer people away? The EVF and OFf are an extra $600 or $400 respectively.


One thing I can say is the camera looks amazing. I the only thing that is holding me back from ordering it is the fixed lens. What about you?

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