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Cosina to discontinue Zeiss Ikon bodies

It’s a sad day for film photography, with yet another causality. It has been confirmed that Cosina, have discontinued to the Zeiss Ikon line of 35mm film rangefinders.

The Zeiss Ikon was introduced in 2006 as an alternative to the Leica M bodies. It sported an aperture priority exposure system and shutter speeds up to 1/2000s. It was praised for its build quality and extremely bright viewfinder. Being fully compatible with the Leica M mount lenses offer creativity options along with the quality that Leica is known for, yet coming in at a more affordable price for the body. Of course you all so had the exceptional optics of the Zeiss range of lenses as well, so it was a win win situation.


Looks like I might have to pick one up before they become extinct. Do you have a Zeiss Ikon?


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