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[REVIEW] HDR Darkroom 2

You may remember we did a review of HDR Darkroom Pro awhile back. We’ll the folks at Everimaging and back at it with a new version that is meant to make it even easier and faster to create stunning HDR images.

HDR Darkroom probably has the most friendly and easy to use user interface of all the HDR software I have tried in the past. Funnily enough when I booted it up I initially thought it was so simple to use a navigate that it couldn’t possibly do a good job.

Before we get into how it performed lets run through a few of the features. It has everything you would expect from HDR software. Alignment, Ghost Reduction, Noise Reduction, Local and Global Tone Mapping, Batch Processing and of course Real Time Processing. OH an I almost forgot it has its own RAW file converter. Other bonuses are that it’s works on Both Apple and Windows and it has some handy Export to Social Media options.

So after getting over my shock in how simple the UI was, I thought a good test would be not to read the manual or help guides, grab a set of bracketed shots from my recent Melbourne/Sydney photo trip and create a HDR image. I’m no stranger to HDR software so I figured I wouldn’t have any problems.

Well I was blown away. Not only was it simple, so simple in fact that I think anyone could dive straight in and have no problems creating some awesome work, but the results were out standing.

I never use a photo straight out of HDR software. Usually they require some more tweaking in Photoshop to make it no look so HDR’ish but the first results from HDR Darkroom was good to go. Here is a quick example of the photo straight out of HDR Darkroom 2.

All the tools are there to allow you to create your image exactly how you want it. Fine tune the output and share it straight away.

UPDATE: Quick video of how I edited the above image using only HDR Darkroom.

YouTube Preview Image

HDR Darkroom 2 has had a bit of a price cut from $99 down to $59.00 at the moment. At the full price it would be well worth it and $59 it’s steal. Even if you’ve never tried or wanted to try HDR photography you would be crazy not to get this app and give it a go.

System Requirements

  • 32-bit Windows XP SP2 and above, 32-bit Windows Vista SP1 and above, 32-bit Windows 6
  • 64-bit Windows XP SP2 and above, 64-bit Windows Vista SP1 and above, 64-bit Windows 7
  • Windows 8 (works fine for me)
  • OS X 10.6.6 or later
  • 1GB main memory minimal, 2GB or above preferred
  • 2.0 GHZ CPU minimal, Dual-Core CPU preferred
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768 or higher resolution display
  • 1GB hard drive space

It’s Competition Time!

Well the good folks at Everimaging have given me 3 licenses of HDR Darkroom 2, to give away! The competition is really very simple. Head over to the post for more details but in the nut shell you need to capture an image or a series of images that depicts what the festive season means to you.

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