Oh My, Canon my drop a 75+ megapixel Pro DSRL!

Looks like Canon might be on track to blow Nikon out of the water with a rumored 75+ megapixel pro DSLR that is apparently out in the field being tested.

For some time now there have been rumors of a 45 megapixel camera in development however this latest rumor leaked by Photography Bay seems that Canon are not just looking to improved but to obliterate. Word is that it will have an ultra-high resolution LCD screen and a frame rate even faster than whats currently found in the Canon 1DX.

There might be an official announcement later on this year with an actual release of sometime in 2014.

So what do you think? How will a 35mm sensor handle such a high megapixel count?

Source(s): Photography Bay

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  1. There is little question that Canon is capable of delivering a 75MP imager; the question is the level of noise, color accuracy, low noise mitigation, gamma. Assuming the positive, as Canon is a leader in Imager technologies, and they own their own imager foundry, are the “L” lenses up to the task of resolving this much detail… Very exciting indeed. Knowing that a traditional 8×10″ 300dpi print consists of 7.2 MP, then this camera would be able to capture an image that would be about TEN 8×10″ prints in size. Thats a WOW for us.

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