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Tristan JudHi I’m Tristan Jud and this is my story.

After years of playing around with a camera it was time to upgrade to what I call a “proper” camera which is a DSLR. It was at this point that my life changed for the better. Not long after playing around with the camera I started to progress and explore the world of photography in a more serious nature.

After doing a few workshops I started looking for opportunities to try out some real life photography which landed me in the fashion and glamour section. It was about this time that I started moving into off camera lighting and so the determination to become a pro photographer grew.

Not long after getting my first umbrella, wireless triggers and flash I launched Tristan Jud Photography and have been slowly and surely putting the pieces together for an amazing career in photography


Coming from a background in web design I have always loved building and working on websites. I knew when I launched Tristan Jud Photography that I wouldn’t be able to post many blog/news type posts due to the nature of the site being directed at showcasing our photography.

And so RAW was born. I used the name RAW simple because thats what I shoot in most of the time. It is a place where I can post tips, tutorials, gear reviews, interviews and anything else that doesn’t quite fit in to the Tristan Jud Photography website. The pro photographers that I have interviewed so far have been inspirational to me and to many of my followers as I am constantly receiving emails from less experienced photographers and professionals on how they are still learning and enjoying reading about each others journey in photography.


RAW is fresh, it’s straight from the horses mouth (so to speak) its backed with a wealth of experience from some of the best photographers in the business (re their interviews). Its the real life journey of us all. All my gear reviews are tested and retested, if I don’t like the product or it doesn’t do my photos any justice, then it doesn’t make it on RAW.

Interview: Getting RAW with Tristan Jud
FAQ with Tristan Jud


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