Get Interviewed

So you’ve come to my little playground and noticed the pro photographer interviews. Your thinking to yourself you want to be interviewed but your not sure how to go about it. Well i’ll make it easy for you. Get in contact with me. It’s really that simple!

I’ve often looked at interviews with pro photographers and wondered how they got noticed by the interviewer. Did that email them or were they contacted by the interviewer? I actually still think about that question when I come across and interview (believe it or not I haven’t actually been interviewed yet, something I hope to change this year).

Getting back to it, if you contact me through the contact page and ask for an interview it won’t necessarily guarantee I interview you. First up i’m going to have a look at your work. From their I’ll probably be able to tell if you have some kind of value for the readers. Remember this interview is all about helping others with information on how you are or have broken into the professional photography game.

Contact me today, who knows you may be featured tomorrow.