Garry Winogrand talks to Rice University students about photography in 1977


Garry Winogrand is one of the most notable American street photographers. His work documents American life during the years after World War II. In 1984 thousands of undeveloped rolls of film were discovered when he passed away.

In 1977, Garry Winogrand was invited to talk to students of Rice University about photography.

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If you don’t have the¬†patience to watch the 1:46hr long talk here’s a 16 minute highlight reel, which was created by Washinton DC’s National Gallery of Art.

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(via National Gallery of Art via Reddit)

City Icons Photo Challenge

City Icons Photo Challenge

I was down at the South Perth foreshore the other night looking at a very familiar view and it got me thinking. Since RAW has so many members from around the world how about you share a photo of your cities icon. A view that is so well known to local photographers but perhaps not to those travelling through your city or town.

Photos need to be in by Wednesday the 25th of Feb.

You can post them to the Facebook Group, Google+ Community or in the comments below.

Belly of the Beast


Over the past few months I’ve lost my street photography Mojo. It probably has more to do with outside factors like becoming a new dad than anything serious, but after watching this documentary on the work of Australian street photographer Marcus Andersen by Rob Norton, I feel the need to load some film and head out shooting again.

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The Canon EOS 5Ds & 5DsR


Canon has finally come to the huge megapixel high resolution party. With two versions providing a 50.5 mp full-frame sensor in both versions.

The below video will take you through the two versions their differences and similarities and everything else you need to know.

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Are you looking at one of these offerings if so which one?


Comparison of DOF between different lenses


Creative Photography Courses, posted this video which illustrates the differences in depth of field between different lenses.

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Behind the Lens of Surf Photographer Brian Bielmann


North Shore based surf photographer Brian Bielmann began shooting photos in 1978 and since then, has traveled the world with some of the best athletes on the planet. Watch as Sanuk goes behind the lens with Bielmann as he describes the highlights of his career.

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Lara Jade takes the DigitalRev TV Cheap Camera Challenge


Word renowned fashion photographer Lara Jade takes on the DigitalRev TV Cheap Camera Challenge. Giving up her 5dmkIII and her 24-70 2.8 for an amazing An Pan Man 0.3 mega pixel camera.

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A Full Shoot with Miss Aniela


First let me say Merry Christmas, I hope you all had a great Christmas break. I’m sure some of you are still on holidays till the new year or perhaps you are just in limbo, so here is a couple of hours worth of video to keep you entertained.

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High Megapixel Canon coming in 2015

Canon High Megapixel Body

The rumours of this have been floating around for awhile, but not it looks like things are moving forward. CanonRumors reports that this High Megapixel Canon will be coming in early 2015.

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Is it a contender? The Samsung NX1


Samsung has just gotten serious in the camera market. They’ve been in the camera world for awhile with recent models looking more like mobile phones, but their latest Samsung NX1 is aimed at the more serious photographer.
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