Adding and Removing Lens Flare


Here’s a little tip from our friends over at Photoshop.

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Matt Granger interviews Robbert Coppa


I’ve just finished watching this fascinating 2 part interview series with Australian fashion photographer Robert Coppa by Matt Granger. It’s an interesting look at how Robert goes about work with some timely advice for photographers and new photographers alike.
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Video Post Friday #86: Jeff Dotson gets Framed


Jeff Dotson is an award winning Visiual Effects Artist and Director that has work with some very high profile clients. His passion though, is Surf Photography. The video gives us a quick look at what he likes, and how he goes about shooting what he loves.

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fotoleaf. Just got STATS!


It’s been an update we’ve been working on for awhile and was pushed to one side while we dove into some more complicated cool stuff that unfortunately is taking longer than normal to finish. So earlier this week I decided to dive into the stats and get it running.

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Lightroom goes Mobile


Photo processing on the go just got a little better. Lightroom for mobile has just been released and is available to download from the Apple App Store right now.
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The Sony A7s


The talk of the weekend was the newly announced Full Frame 12mp Sony a7s. Sony has moved away from the megapixel race with this one and instead focused on sensitivity hence the ‘S’ in the name.
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Video Post Friday #85: The Making Of: DEDICATED


Yesterday we posted DEDICATED which was a short film shot entirely on the D4s, featuring photographers Dave Black, Robert Beck and George Karbus.
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Corey Rich has just released a new film shot entirely on the new Nikon D4′s.

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X-T1 RAW Support in Capture One 7.2.1

Capture One 7

Everyone knows that Fuji jpegs are amazing and there is no real reason to shoot in RAW, however some of us just can’t kick the habit. For those of you who are shooting the X-T1 and longing for RAW file support in software it looks like Capture One’s latest update 7.2.1 could be your answer.
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Video Post Friday #84: GPP2014 ShootOut | Sara Lando vs Zack Arias


Every year photographers flock to Gulf Photo Plus and every year those of us who don’t make the trip wait around for the ShootOut.
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