High Megapixel Canon coming in 2015

Canon High Megapixel Body

The rumours of this have been floating around for awhile, but not it looks like things are moving forward. CanonRumors reports that this High Megapixel Canon will be coming in early 2015.

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The worlds first Full-Frame 5-axis image stabilized camera


It’s a Sony! The follow up from the immensely popular full-frame A7 the A7ii will be the worlds first 5-axis image stabilized camera.

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Iceland, Chris Burkard and a Lytro Illum


I think even those photographers, like myself, that don’t really shoot landscapes would have Iceland on their bucket list. We’ve seen countless photos and bts video of Iceland shoots but this one has a little twist.
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Michael Herb’s review of the Westcott Zeppelin


The Westcott Zeppelin would have to be one of the more exciting modifiers that I’ve come across this year.¬† I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet but since my modifier arsenal comprises of all Westcott gear I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I pick one up.

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Say what?? Sony to announce a 46MP Full-Frame camera


It looks like we are back in the megapixel wars again and Sony is wants to be first out of the gate in 2015 with a rumour floating around that they are set to announce a 46MP full-frame camera.
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GoPro HERO4! 4K video 30FPS and built-in touch display


Probably the most exciting new feature is the built-in touch display on the newly revealed GoPro HERO4. You will finally be able to see what it is you’ve captured.

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WARNING Peak Design Strap design flaw


The San Francisco  gear company Peak Design has sent out an email warning some customers of a slight design flaw.
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Trey Ratcliff packing for Africa. The mirrorless version


Oh how the times have changed. Gone are the days of packing massive dSLR bodies and lenses. Trey shows us what he’s taking on this Africa Trip.

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Canon ‘L’ Glass Price DROP!!!


Canon announced a new permanent price drop on a fair few of their “L” lenses, with discounts ranging from 5% to 33% off! I’ve seen the price drop reflected on B&H and Adorama.

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The Pentax Q-S1 just a rebranded Q7


Do you remember the Pentax Q-Series. I’m not sure about the rest of the world bu there in Australia it just didn’t take off. The latest in the Q-Series was unveiled recently as the Pentax Q-S1, but on closer inspection this new camera is just the Q7 with some cosmetic upgrades.

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