Interview with Davide Ambroggio


Photographer Davide Ambroggio gives us an insight into his life and work.

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Matt Granger interviews Robbert Coppa


I’ve just finished watching this fascinating 2 part interview series with Australian fashion photographer Robert Coppa by Matt Granger. It’s an interesting look at how Robert goes about work with some timely advice for photographers and new photographers alike.
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Interview with Estelle Choe

Walnut Brain

It’s time for another RAW interview. This time we are featuring the work of conceptual photographer Estelle Choe. Enjoy.

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Interview with Melanee Kate Thomas


Today we feature our first young gun of photography for 2014. Melanee Kate Thomas is 16 and well on her way to having a successful photography career. I’ve spoken to her a couple of times over email and she has a drive that is sure to get her to where she wants to be. Be inspired, enjoy.

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Interview with Jarrad Seng

BIO PIC - by Matsu Photography

This interview has been about 2 years in the making. Jarrad’s schedule is pretty hectic but finally this Christmas he managed to sit down and get through it all. Enjoy!

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Q&A with Brooke Shaden & Lindsay Adler


A recent release from Framed Network is a brand new Q&A Spreecast with Lindsay Adler and Brooke Shaden. Right now these two photographers are extremely popular.

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Interview with Laurent Nivalle

Interview with Laurent Nivalle

Today’s interview featured French photographer and movie director for Citroën Laurent Nivalle. There’s a little bit of everything in this interview from this very talented photographer.

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Interview with Sam Mohan


Today we feature 32 year old Sam Mohan from India. Sam is a profession photographer whole you’ll see covers a wide range of genres. Enjoy.
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Interview with Mikel Muruzabal

Photo by Mikel Muruzabal

Happy Monday! Today an interview with multi-award winning Spanish fashion, advertising and architecture photographer Mikel Muruzabal. Enjoy.

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Interview with Anna Theodora

Anna Theodora

Today we have an interview from self taught fashion photographer Anna Theodora, who tells us about how she got into photography and her journey so far.
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