Michael Herb’s review of the Westcott Zeppelin


The Westcott Zeppelin would have to be one of the more exciting modifiers that I’ve come across this year.  I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet but since my modifier arsenal comprises of all Westcott gear I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I pick one up.

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LumoPro LP180 coming in July 2013

Lumopro LP180

The successor to my favourite LP160, will be released in a couple of months.
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The Inverse Square Law… What??

I actually sat down to write a post on this for all of you who are getting into off camera flash. I started to do a search to see how other people tackled the subject and then came across this video by Mark Wallace for Adorama TV.

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Video Post Friday #34: Joe McNally walkthrough of his Cowboy Portrait


Lighting lighting lighting! This is what it all comes down to. Joe McNally shows us how he goes about lighting his Cowboy portrait to make it look relatively natural.

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Impossible? Maybe. Off Camera Flash and a Polaroid 600


My friend Kevin Deskins has embarked on a project that would see him shoot with 3 LumoPro LP160’s synced to a Polaroid 600.

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A good friend of mine Kevin Deskins has started a blog about lighting. He’s been teaching lighting workshops for awhile now and is now bringing his knowledge to the interwebs.

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Aputure’s 68TL Magnum


You all would know by now that I love LumoPro lighting products. Whenever I get a question about lighting I usually no of a LumoPro product that would suite the reason for this is I honestly believe LumoPro offer amazing value for money, and I have yet to have any of of their products let me down in the field. One question I get often is usually from people starting out in event photography where they are looking for an alternative TTL flash to the proprietary speedlites from Canon or Nikon. Unfortunately this is one area that I can’t offer a LumoPro solution however my friends over at Aputure have a new TTL speedlite out that I have been playing with over the past few weeks.
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LumoPro Summer Essentials Sale


While I sit here drinking my Cappuccino from my newly purchased Nespresso machine, which I had to purchase after our old machine went into early retirement during massive editing session my friends at LumoPro sent me through their latest offers.
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21 hours to go, to save 41% on Frank Doorhof’s Lighting Videos


If you’ve ever wanted to get into off camera flash then this is the perfect opportunity. Many of you have already purchased Franks 3 lighting videos after I posted about them late last week. They are a great buy at $100 but they are even better at 41% off! The only problem is there is only 21 hours left before the deals runs out.

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Frank Doorhof’s Lighting Videos I, II, & III


Frank is a good friend of RAW’s so as this is the first of many tutorial video reviews I have, I thought I would start with his. Plus I’ve come across an awesome deal for the set of 3 videos that will give you an instant jump start into lighting your portrait of glamour photos.
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