City Icons Photo Challenge

City Icons Photo Challenge

I was down at the South Perth foreshore the other night looking at a very familiar view and it got me thinking. Since RAW has so many members from around the world how about you share a photo of your cities icon. A view that is so well known to local photographers but perhaps not to those travelling through your city or town.

Photos need to be in by Wednesday the 25th of Feb.

You can post them to the Facebook Group, Google+ Community or in the comments below.

Belly of the Beast


Over the past few months I’ve lost my street photography Mojo. It probably has more to do with outside factors like becoming a new dad than anything serious, but after watching this documentary on the work of Australian street photographer Marcus Andersen by Rob Norton, I feel the need to load some film and head out shooting again.

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Creating epic fantasy lighting with SmugMug


Let’s face if Ben Von Wong seems to just shoot epic stuff. He works hard collaborating with people that have the same vision and goals as he does. Which is to create something awesome!

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The faithful histogram explained


No matter what your lighting condition is, or even the state of your monitor calibration the histogram is your go to tool for working out just how your image really looks.
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2 Models, 7 divers and a shipwreck. It has to be Von Wong


Benjamin Von Wong has been busy. Recently being invited into the Broncolor GenNEXT program and this crazy shoot in Bali.

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Announcing our new Black and White Fashion/Portrait Workshop

Full Day Black and White Portrait Photography Workshop

Exciting news, we’ve just released out brand new workshop for the Black and White lovers out there. We’ll be teaching you our way of black and white fashion/portrait photography.

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Major update to


Today we started to roll our the new website which will take us into the public launch.
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The worlds first MF CMOS Sensor Camera


The Hasselblad HDH-50c is the worlds first CMOS Sensor MF Camera. Based on the H5D-50 the new model will offer a faster capture rate, longer shutter speeds and greater ISO performance for low light.

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Awesome photos of a Volcanic Eruption in Chile


Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni managed to capture this amazing eruption on his Nikon D300.

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14 Year Old Photographer creates incredible self portraits


Zev from Natick, Massachusetts is a 14-year-old photographer with an eye that is well beyond his years. His work has taken the photography world by storm with his surreal manipulations.
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