The most awesome Lightroom feature that I didn’t know about


I lie I had heard about this feature awhile ago but had completely forgotten about it until Matt Kloskowski uploaded this short tutorial. The Match Total Exposure feature is perfect for those who edit or those who have been shooting an entire series and you want the exposures to be pretty much the same across all the images.

YouTube Preview Image

(via OnOne)

Adobe Lightroom 5.7 Update Available


For those using Lightroom, an update to 5.7 is now available. The release provides additional support for new cameras, lenses and addresses a few bugs.
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High end Retoucher Pratik Naik takes us BTS of a fashion shoot.


Pratik Naik is one of the worlds best high end retouchers. His clients include the famous Joey L, Anze Vrabl, Bill Jones, Andre Fearman, Susanne Speil and many more.

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Perfect Photo Suite 9 – Noise Reduction


One of the new features in Perfect Photo Suite 9 is the new noise reduction filter. This video released by OnOne Software gives a preview of just how it works.

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onOne Perfect Photo Suite 9 Announced


We’ve been reviewing Perfect Photo Suite since version 6 and since then we’ve seen some fantastic improvements and features add into the software. It’s morphed from a simple preset/effects package into a full blown photo editor and version 9 seems to take it to the next level.
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onOne Software is giving away Pefect Effects 8 for FREE. That’s $100 saving.

onOne Perfect Effects 8

A few months ago onOne gave away Perfect Effects 8, if you missed it, they are giving away their Premium Edition FREE again!
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Fixing uneven skin tones in Photoshop


One of the most annoying things about shooting in colour is fixing uneven skin tones. Aaron from Phlearn gives us an easy and effective way of dealing with this issue in Photoshop.
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Adobe making a migration tool for Aperture users


When Apple announced the discontinuing for it’s pro level photo editing and management software, Aperture, I think many of us shed a tear. While I have used Lightroom for some time now Aperture was the first “pro” editing software that I used, I learnt a lot from it and still think overall it was a better system than Lightroom.

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Video Post Friday #55: Photoshop Playbook, Reduce Noise in Photoshop


Filter > Noise > Noise Reduction is out, while it’s still in Photoshop even Photoshop believes it’s not the best way to reduce noise within their own software.
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New feature coming to Photoshop CC on June 18th


Adobe is launching “the next evolution of Creative Cloud” during a live-streaming keynote on June 18th. What’s the next evolution you ask? Read on.
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