Adding and Removing Lens Flare


Here’s a little tip from our friends over at Photoshop.

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Lightroom goes Mobile


Photo processing on the go just got a little better. Lightroom for mobile has just been released and is available to download from the Apple App Store right now.
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Adaptive Wide Angle Filter in Photoshop Part 2

Adaptive Wide Angle Part 2

Yesterday I posted a short tutorial on the Adaptive Wide Angle filter in Photoshop. Today we are going to use OnOne Perfect Photosuite 8 and Topaz Adjust 5 to finish off the image and create something will a little more edge.
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Adaptive Wide Angle Filter in Photoshop

Adaptive Wide Angle Filter in Photoshop

In this episode we explore the Adaptive Wide Angle filter in Photoshop along with creating some cool lighting effects in Lightroom.

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HDR Darkroom 3 Review


In todays post we take a look at HDR Darkroom 3 processing software. It’s designed to be a fast, simple hdr processor so let’s see how it goes.
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10 Things Beginners want to know how to do is Photoshop


Eventually we all end up with Photoshop. We usually get it because we find other software like Lightroom just doesn’t cut it when you want to get into more advanced editing.

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First Look at OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8


Boom, OnOne’s Perfect Suite 8 is out. I thought I would record a quick first look at the new software and walk you through some of the new features.

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An early look at OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8


Tipped to be released in November this year Perfect Photo Suite 8 seems to be pushing itself as a complete photo editing solution.

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Lightroom 5.2 Now Available with New Features


If you haven’t already, it’s time to update to Lightroom 5.2. Released today Lightroom 5.2 has a few new features and has addressed some of those bugs from the previous version. For those of you with newer cameras you’ll be pleased to know there is new support for cameras and lenses.

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OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 review

OnOne Perfect Photosuite 7 Review

Back in February of 2012 we wrote a review of OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 6. Over the past couple of months we’ve been able to put the next version of Photo Suite to the test and I can say that it is not just a numerical update. Photo Suite 7 (or 7.5 which we now have) is the perfect accompaniment to Lightroom, Aperture and even Photoshop. Perfect Photo Suite 7 is a suite of plugins that can run as either a standalone piece of software or individual plugins.

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