fotoleaf. Just got STATS!


It’s been an update we’ve been working on for awhile and was pushed to one side while we dove into some more complicated cool stuff that unfortunately is taking longer than normal to finish. So earlier this week I decided to dive into the stats and get it running.

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The Sony A7s


The talk of the weekend was the newly announced Full Frame 12mp Sony a7s. Sony has moved away from the megapixel race with this one and instead focused on sensitivity hence the ‘S’ in the name.
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X-T1 RAW Support in Capture One 7.2.1

Capture One 7

Everyone knows that Fuji jpegs are amazing and there is no real reason to shoot in RAW, however some of us just can’t kick the habit. For those of you who are shooting the X-T1 and longing for RAW file support in software it looks like Capture One’s latest update 7.2.1 could be your answer.
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Game Changer? Nokia Lumina 1020


Mobile photography, iphoneography, phoneograpy or whatever you want to call is has come along way over the years. There are some amazing people doing amazing things with phone cameras but there has always been on thing that has eluded the camera phone and that is long exposures.

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The Freedom Tower: A from the Top of the World and how it was done


Kevin Murphy works on top One World Trade Center. He says he has the best office in America. At 1,250 ft. about New York City the view would be outstanding. Many of us will never get the opportunity to get to the top of the Freedom Tower building, but now we can get a sense of just the view is like, with this outstanding panorama.

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Week in the your Life Film Challenge


Over in the Facebook group I floated the idea of using 1 roll of film to capture a week in your life. It got a pretty decent response from people wanting give it a go.

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The ultimate for Gear Porn, new site: In My Bag


In My Bag is a new site that a RAW reader emailed to me earlier today. It’s a simple concept share a photo of your camera bag!

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Shortcut-S a keyboard specifically built for Photoshop


How good are you at Photoshop keyboard shortcuts? Sorin Neica thinks it’s better to haveĀ a keyboard that is built specifically for Photoshop!

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More Nikon D4s rumours


Some more info has been leaked about the upcoming D4s for all you Nikon shooters out there.

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Adobe extends the Photography Program for Everyone. AGAIN!


Oh dear! I understand Adobe’s reasoning for going to the subscription based model, I also understand the public outcry from photographers around the world against Adobes creative cloud model. I have to commend Adobe for at least creating a “Photography Program” that allows us that wish to, just to get their hands on Photoshop CC and Lightroom.

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