Video Post Friday #87: Photographing Meerkats with Burrard-Lucas


Wildlife photographer Burrard-Lucas spent some time in Botswana photographing Meerkats. Have a look at this BTS from the trip.

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Adding and Removing Lens Flare


Here’s a little tip from our friends over at Photoshop.

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Matt Granger interviews Robbert Coppa


I’ve just finished watching this fascinating 2 part interview series with Australian fashion photographer Robert Coppa by Matt Granger. It’s an interesting look at how Robert goes about work with some timely advice for photographers and new photographers alike.
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Video Post Friday #86: Jeff Dotson gets Framed


Jeff Dotson is an award winning Visiual Effects Artist and Director that has work with some very high profile clients. His passion though, is Surf Photography. The video gives us a quick look at what he likes, and how he goes about shooting what he loves.

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Video Post Friday #85: The Making Of: DEDICATED


Yesterday we posted DEDICATED which was a short film shot entirely on the D4s, featuring photographers Dave Black, Robert Beck and George Karbus.
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Corey Rich has just released a new film shot entirely on the new Nikon D4′s.

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Video Post Friday #84: GPP2014 ShootOut | Sara Lando vs Zack Arias


Every year photographers flock to Gulf Photo Plus and every year those of us who don’t make the trip wait around for the ShootOut.
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Video Post Friday #83: Phase One IQ2 Fashion Editorial


Fashion photographer Frederico Martins and his team takes behind the scenes for an Elle Magazine editorial led by art director Paulo Gomes.

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Video Post Friday #83: Sunset, landscape with a flash?


Alright, here we go for another instalment of Video Post Friday. In the RAW group on Facebook this weeks challenge is a sunset. Here is a creative way you might want to approach it.

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Video Post Friday #82: Digital Rev Tv’s Pro Tog, Cheap Camera with Von Wong


Fire, a point and shoot, Von Wong and a man dressed up ready for combat. It’s the Digital Rev TV’s Pro Tog Cheap Camera challenge with Benjamin Von Wong.

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