Iceland, Chris Burkard and a Lytro Illum


I think even those photographers, like myself, that don’t really shoot landscapes would have Iceland on their bucket list. We’ve seen countless photos and bts video of Iceland shoots but this one has a little twist.
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An effective way to correct distortion in Fisheye photography


Fisheye lenses have become quite popular within the RAW community and the greater photographer community. The unique look and extreme wide angles provided by this type of lens is a draw card for Astrophotography and landscapers.

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High end Retoucher Pratik Naik takes us BTS of a fashion shoot.


Pratik Naik is one of the worlds best high end retouchers. His clients include the famous Joey L, Anze Vrabl, Bill Jones, Andre Fearman, Susanne Speil and many more.

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Michael Herb’s review of the Westcott Zeppelin


The Westcott Zeppelin would have to be one of the more exciting modifiers that I’ve come across this year.  I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet but since my modifier arsenal comprises of all Westcott gear I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I pick one up.

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A look at the work of Fan Ho


In this episode of the art of photography, Ted Forbes takes an in-depth look at the work of street photographer Fan Ho.

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Complete Halloween Retouch


With all the Halloween / Horror October themes flying around the photography groups this month it seems only fitting that I share a video on complete Halloween retouch by Retutpro.

YouTube Preview Image

Share your best Halloween inspired photos with us!

(via Retutpro – Photography & Retouching)

A look at how Fuji makes Fujinon lenses


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot with a Fujinon lens you’ll know that they are just amazing. Fujifilm has released this video showing just what goes into making a Fujinon lens from start to finish.

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DIY Softbox for $20 or less


Are you just getting into off camera flash? If so chances are you have had a look at a few modifiers and realised they can cost a pretty penny.

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Thorsten von Overgaard. A Life With Leica


“A Life With Leica” is a short film by the creative folks over at Northpass Media.

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Perfect Photo Suite 9 – Noise Reduction


One of the new features in Perfect Photo Suite 9 is the new noise reduction filter. This video released by OnOne Software gives a preview of just how it works.

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