Photography is one of those hobby’s / professions that allow us to spend as much or as little as we like. There is no shortage of gear, software or gadgetry that we me need or want. I decided to revamp the recommend gear pages to link you in the direction of products that I actually use.

I have the privilege of getting to test out quite a bit of gear however over the years I have been able to determine wants over needs. I’ll try and categorise this page as much as possible so you can find the stuff you need.


  • OnOne PhotoSuite 6 – This is your jack of all trades software. I does a lot and always comes in handy.
  • Tiffen DFX v3.0 – There is so much you can do to your photos with this piece of software.
  • Photomatix Pro – Video 1Video 2 if you want to play with HDR then you need to have this.
  • PhotoAcute3 – Only just started using it but it’s stacking options work really well.
  • NoiseNinja – Outstanding results for reducing noise but keeping detail.
  • Topaz Adjust – Want to bring detail and sharpness back into an image, you need this.
  • Portrait Professional – I use this in a very limited way. However for the few things I use it for It comes in handy.
  • Portraiture 2 – Shoot portraits and deal with skin. This will save you hours.
  • Light Room 4 – Easiest way to catalogue all those images. It’s editing options aren’t too bad either.
  • Photoshop CS6 – It’s the industry standard for a reason. Everything is so much easier with Photoshop. However it doesn’t mean you can’t do everything with other software.


  • LumoPro LP160 – There is no time like the present to start learning off camera flash. These are my go to lights when i’m on location.
  • Aputure Trigmasters – Extremely reliable triggers and receivers for firing your off camera flash. Been using them for about 2 years now with out any problems.
  • GamiLight – You’ll need to shape your light. GamiLight modifiers are extremely portable and lightweight.
  • LumoPro LP605 – Probably my favourite light stand. Portable, and they come with spikes for added stability.


  • ThinkTankPhoto Airport Takeoff – When i have a shoot overseas, in another state or at home this is what I carry my gear in.
  • LowePro Photosport 200 AW – Do a lot of landscapes or travel photography. This is the bag for you. If i’m not heading to a shoot I carry this.
  • Kata 3-N1 25PL – This bag is so small yet it actually fits almost everything I need for a shoot. It’s design makes it one of the most comfy bags I’ve ever carried.


  • Tamron 10-24mm – Looking through an ultra wide angle lens is amazing. Shoot wide and get up close, it truly is a different perspective on things.
  • Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 – This is a great lens, it’s extremely affordable and produces outstanding results.
  • Sigma 50mm 1.4 – This is an outstanding lens. It’s big, much bigger than other 50’s however it’s quality is out of this world.


  • Cokin Filters – Digital post production is amazing but there is an authenticity about using filters that no software can reproduce.
  • Velbon 603r Sherpa – Ok it’s a tripod and I haven’t reviewed it yet. To be honest if you would have asked me about a tripod 6 months ago I would have said why bother. However this has all changed recently. A good tripod that allows you to get low and steady as well as nice and high is so much fun. It’s not to heavy it’s nice a sturdy even during some pretty strong wind and it does what I want it to do.
  • Aputure Battery Grip – If you haven’t shot with a battery grip then hurry up and get one. It makes life so much easier for those portrait orientated shots.
  • Davis & Stanford Magnum XG with FX 13 Head – This is a super sturdy tripod with some extremely high tech features which make all the difference.