Video Post Friday #62: A day in the life of photographer Jordan Matter


2 weeks ago New York City headshot photographer Jordan Matter released this shot “A Day in my Life” documentary. It’s extremely well put together and you can tell that Jordan absolutely loves his work.

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Video Post Friday #61: Belvedere Vodka Behind the Scenes


Let’s face it light painting is cool and fun, but look what happens when photographer Atton Conrad takes light painting into the commercial world, with this bts video of his Belvedere campaign shoot.
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Video Post Friday #58: Von Wong – Pyrotechnics and Capoeira in an abbey in Belgium!

Photo Credit: Von Wong

It’s been awhile since we have show cased a Von Wong behind the scenes video for Video Post Friday. This week’s BTS shows off some capoeira artists and in Von Wong style, some FIRE.

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Video Post Friday #57: Rachel // BTS from Limelight Studios


Today’s video is less about shooting technique and more about just having fun.
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Video Post Friday #53: Jeff Curtes shoots Road Bikes

I’ve been a fan of the F-Stop GearLife in Focus” series since it was first released. It’s a great little series produced by F-Stop Gear and they manage to leave all the sales pitches out. The latest episode takes us behind the scenes of professional snowboarder turned photographer Jeff Curtes, shooting road bikes.
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Video Post Friday #50: Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with KITT


50 Fridays ago we started Video Post Friday! Today’s post is an awesome BTS look at a photoshoot by Douglas Sonders shooting KITT and the A-TEAM van.

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Video Post Friday #49: Chase Jarvis Sea to Sky Photoshoot

This weeks Video post Friday is just cool. Chase Jarvis shows us a quick BTS of a recent shoot in Belize.
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Video Post Friday #48: Riker’s Dark Knight Photo Workshop

If your in the RAW community you would have come across Riker’s (Ken Cranney) Dark Knight photoshoot. Well he’s finally release a bts video of the day. The video in the featured section above is the shorter 3 minute version however after the jump there is a 9 minute version along with some of the photos from the day for anyone interested.

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Video Post Friday #46: Black Olive Photography Film & Fashion

I’m sure there are many RAW readers that will remember the days of shooting with film. While I shoot a lot of Street Photography on film I have only shot a few frames of film at actual photoshoots. My question is, are you still shooting film in the studio?

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Fake an indoor sunset

Aaron Nace over at Phlearn released this great two part video series on creating an indoor sunset photo. Part 1 talks about the setup and Part 2 (after the jump) goes through the post processing side of things.
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