Interview with Luca Kleve-Ruud


I came across Luca via his blog I think? To be honest Luca had accepted my invitation for an interview and had lost my email. Out of sheer luck he came across it again and sent through his answers. Anyway he is a photojournalist who has captured some amazing moments in time.
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Indepth with Rachel Rebibo

Following on from all your feedback from last months video interview here is another on for you. If you haven’t already read the interview with Rachel then have a quick read, it will make a lot more sense if you haven’t hear of her before.
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Interview with Kristen Hook


Let’s dive straight into it. Kristen has some amazing photos on her website, something that seems to be a bit of a signature is her water shots. Anyway have a ready.
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Interview with Adam Naples

low res fav

So Adam is 16 and your probably already thinking, why is RAW featuring a 16 year old. Well I suggest after reading this you head over to his flickr account and check out his work. I believe photography and more importantly RAW has now age limit, if the work is good then chances are we might learn something from the photographer. Anyway have a read.
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Interview with Tyrone Pleas


Tyrone emailed me letting me know he was extremely new to the whole photography realm and is just starting to get his name out there. He had been reading RAW for sometime and wanted to see if his work was good enough to get an interview. Of course like all requests I get on their site and start checking out their work to see if they may have something to offer, not everyone who requests and interview gets one. Anyway Tyrone’s work as great, I think being still new to pro photography he might has some great little tips for everyone. Anyway with out further ado here is his interview.
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Interview with Sean Dackermann


Another 50mm 1.8 lover, must be the flavour of the month at the moment. As you’ll see Sean uses only prime lenses. Anyway check out his interview.
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Interview with Jerod Foster

Jerod Foster taken by Amanda Foster

I came across Jerod’s work while surfing through Photoshelter. His work stood out so I contacted him immediately, so I could share some of his knowledge with you all.
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Interview with Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan’s sports photography caught my eye, you know me I love all things snow related so it was inevitable that I would come across Jonathan’s snowboard shots. Further research showed that he does weddings and editorial photography as well. Have a read of what he has to say.
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Interview with Cathline Dickens

Cathline Dickens

You know I love showcasing fresh talent on RAW, and today I want to introduce you to Cathline an 18 year old portrait photographer who loves the 50mm.
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Interview with Luke Thompson


I came across Lukes work as a skate board photographer here in Perth. I saw a campaign he shot for a skate brand which lead me into his website and then finally all the other types of shoots he has done. Have a look at what he has to say.
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