Interview with Felix Rachor


Ok lets kick this new design off with the first RAW Interview. Today we are featuring fashion and commercial photographer Felix Rachor from Berlin.
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Video Post Friday #53: Jeff Curtes shoots Road Bikes

I’ve been a fan of the F-Stop GearLife in Focus” series since it was first released. It’s a great little series produced by F-Stop Gear and they manage to leave all the sales pitches out. The latest episode takes us behind the scenes of professional snowboarder turned photographer Jeff Curtes, shooting road bikes.
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Interview with Simon Bolz [NSFW]

Simon Bolz

Simon’s goal is to capture enough to no overstimulate and his work has been published in many magazines including Men’s Health, Women’s Health Art Mgazin, Photographie, Playboy and GQ Magazin.DE along with many others. If you want to see more of his work I suggest you use the links at the bottom of this post.
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Interview with Karen Abramyan


I’ve been a fan or Karen’s work for some time now and I’m glad he agreed to be featured on RAW. Although language was an obvious barrier, English being not his native tongue however his work is outstanding and his interview highlights that the gear is not as important as the vision.
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Interview with Samuel Rambo [NSFW]

Kodi Sun Flare 3 © Sam Rambo

It’s been awhile but we are getting back into posting regular interviews, and of course the more in-depth video interviews. Today we are featuring glamour, fashion and fine art photographer Sam Rambo. He strives for excellence and his images show it. Sam tried hard to submit images that are PG-13 however I thought it best to label this post NSFW just in case.
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Chicago Sun-Times drops photographers

No doubt you would have heard about this by now. It’s a major move by the Chicago Sun. CNN Talks to Pulitzer prize-winning photographer John H. White about what layoffs mean for the news industry.

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Video Post Friday #41: Extreme urbex and retouching in Belgium with Chester Van Bommel

This is an interesting look into the mind of a modern day retoucher. Chester Van Bommel will be known to some of you for his amazing retouching skills. He’s been a retoucher for over 20 years and has been able to move with the changing times into the world of photoshop and he now although he still considers himself a retoucher the market now considers him as a photoshopper.

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Interview with Koveh Tavakkol

new zealand waterfall

We featured Koveh last week as the RAW 500px profile of the week, this time he’s back with an interview for all the aspiring landscape photographers out there.

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Interview with Nathan Wills

Nathan Wills

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post an interview. It seems to be a very busy time for photographers globally but there are some awesome ones lined up for the coming weeks. Lets get stuck into todays interview featuring Nathan Wills who just placed second in a the ‘National Award’ section of the ‘World Photography Awards’.
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The Many Lives of William Klein

William Klein has been ranked number 25 on Professional Photographer’s Top 100 most influential photographers. He is best known for his unusual photographic techniques  in photojournalism and fashion photographer. He is also cited as one of the god fathers of street photographer along with the likes of photographers like Robert Frank.

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