BTS with Clark Little


Nikon UK recently released a short documentary on pro photographer Clark Little. For those that don’t know Clark Little picked up a camera about 8 years ago, started shooting shore breaks and never looked back.

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An effective way to correct distortion in Fisheye photography


Fisheye lenses have become quite popular within the RAW community and the greater photographer community. The unique look and extreme wide angles provided by this type of lens is a draw card for Astrophotography and landscapers.

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Michael Herb’s review of the Westcott Zeppelin


The Westcott Zeppelin would have to be one of the more exciting modifiers that I’ve come across this year.  I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet but since my modifier arsenal comprises of all Westcott gear I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I pick one up.

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Thorsten von Overgaard. A Life With Leica


“A Life With Leica” is a short film by the creative folks over at Northpass Media.

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International Landscape Photographer winner for 2014


International Landscape Photographer winner for 2014, Christian Fletcher talks about why he uses the Phase One camera system and Capture One 8.

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Creating epic fantasy lighting with SmugMug


Let’s face if Ben Von Wong seems to just shoot epic stuff. He works hard collaborating with people that have the same vision and goals as he does. Which is to create something awesome!

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Moncler Fall/Winter 2014/15 Campaign with Annie Leibovitz


Watch one of the masters at work, doing her thing for Moncler, shooting the global down jacket to wear anywhere in the world, at any latitude and in any season.

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Video Post Friday #57: Correct Exposure vs Creatively Correct Exposure


In this weeks Video Post Friday, Bryan Peterson shows us in a very simple way the difference between a Correct Exposure and a Creatively Correct Exposure.
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Exploring the Nude Landscape workshop – Only 1 place left!!

Exploring the nude landscape

At the end of the month a good buddy of mine and awesome photography Stuart Holden and I are running out first workshop together, called Exploring the Nude Landscape.
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Video Post Friday #56: Inside the Japan Camera Hunter Offices and an interveiw with Bellamy Hunt


Street Photographer Eric Kim catches up with Bellamy Hunt from Japan Camera Hunter in Tokyo. Bellamy takes of on a tour of his offices, what his days are like and some general gear talk.
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