Video Post Friday #55: BTS of Mario Testino’s Best-Dressed shoot for Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair just released this short behind the scenes video of Mario Testino’s Best-Dressed shoot.
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BTS Dave Hill shoots a 4 concept Fiat ad campaign for Vanity Fair


Dave Hill, gets some of the coolest jobs around. Dave and his crew put together this behind the scenes video of a recent ad campaign shoot with Fait for Vanity Fair magazine.

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Zack Arias Debunks the Full Frame / Crop Sensor Debate


This debate will go on and on and has been going on for a very long time, well before the digital age.

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Video Post Friday #54: The Slanted Lens creates a fantasy Composite in-camera


Jay P. Morgan shows how he goes about creating a set and shooting a fantasy image all in camera. While he does mention he’ll composite various shots from the shoot to get it right he definitely is going for “get it right in camera” approach.

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Corey Rich talks about Long Lens Ski Photography


While this video talks mainly about the process of long lens action sport photography the advice Corey gives can be applied to all forms of photography.

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How to capture realistic-looking HDR images


The word HDR is usually paired with photographer cringing at some of the horrendous super saturated almost cartoonish images that are created. The fact is HDR doesn’t have to be that, take a look at our HDR tutorial (Part 1, Part 2).

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Video Post Friday #51: BTS Look at Cave Photography


I can honestly say that I have never thought about this sort of photography at all. I’ve seen the photos but never thought about how much work would be involved to capture some of these images.
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Video Post Friday #50: Shooting Extreme Sports in Jerusalem


Ever since joining the Broncolor’s GenNEXT program Von Wong has been pushing hard. With new awesome content almost weekly. Anyway this next video is from a recent trip of his to Jerusalem where he shot some extreme sport using the Broncolor Para 133 and the Move 1200L.

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Video Post Friday #93: The Fro interviews Award Winning War Photojournalist Ziv Koren

Ziv Koren -Video Post Friday #93

One of the most successful photojournalists in the world is Israeli photographer Ziv Koren. He’s won multiple international awards and captured some of the most iconic images of our time.
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2 Models, 7 divers and a shipwreck. It has to be Von Wong


Benjamin Von Wong has been busy. Recently being invited into the Broncolor GenNEXT program and this crazy shoot in Bali.

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