Video Post Friday #80: FREE HDR Tutorial from Stuck in Customs


HDR is the hyper skin smoothing of the landscape world. The reason behind this is people don’t realise that after Photomatix there are still a few more steps to finish of the image. Trey Ratcliff of has long had the leading HDR tutorial for sale. Recently he has updated it with a new version and he shares a 40 minute extract from the series.

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Video Post Friday #79: Adam Dillion Lifestyle Photographer


Another week down, so it’s time for some lifestyle photography with Adam Dillion.
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The ultimate for Gear Porn, new site: In My Bag


In My Bag is a new site that a RAW reader emailed to me earlier today. It’s a simple concept share a photo of your camera bag!

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Video Post Friday #77: Von Wong: Two strangers call each other’s bluff


Happy Friday! This weeks video post Friday features an epic tale of travel, late nights, no sleep and crazy ideas to create awesomeness.

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Perth Timelapse Workshop

Perth Timelapse Workshop

We’ve run a lot of studio type portrait workshops, but we thought this year we might switch it up a little and run an exciting workshop on Timelapse Photography.
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Video Post Friday #76: Tim Coburn takes us BTS

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 9.56.54 PM

Tim Coburn takes us behind the scenes on his commercial and lifestyle shoot in Ocean City, Maryland.

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The worlds first MF CMOS Sensor Camera


The Hasselblad HDH-50c is the worlds first CMOS Sensor MF Camera. Based on the H5D-50 the new model will offer a faster capture rate, longer shutter speeds and greater ISO performance for low light.

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Video Post Friday #75: Rolex Watch retouching timelapse. WOW

Rolex Retouch Timelapse

German photographer Andreas Jörg created this timelapse of the retouching work that goes into a product shot like this.

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Video Post Friday #74: Chase Jarvis, Kai W Challenge


We are back into full swing here at RAW HQ at the moment. There are some amazingly exciting things to reveal to you all next week but for now lets get on to the Video Post Friday.

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Interview with Melanee Kate Thomas


Today we feature our first young gun of photography for 2014. Melanee Kate Thomas is 16 and well on her way to having a successful photography career. I’ve spoken to her a couple of times over email and she has a drive that is sure to get her to where she wants to be. Be inspired, enjoy.

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